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Send Messages to All Facebook Friends At Once

Copy, paste, send…. copy, paste, send…copy, paste send…
Never waste your time doing this again!

Write the Message ONCE and let this software send it EVERYBODY on your friends list while you relax.


How to automate Facebook Messages on Your Personal Timeline
Watch the video below

If you have been marketing on Facebook for any amount of time then you have sent messages this way to customers, affiliates and business partners.

To be fair, this isn’t a difficult process but it is super time consuming and boring beyond belief.

Recently, bots have been able to auto send messages to followers of a Facebook business page but first the followers have to agree to receive messages.  This situation poses 2 very significant problems.

  1. It is ridiculously hard to get fans on a business page
  2. It is even harder to get those couple of great fans to accept bot messages from a fan page.

So many marketers from all walks of life ( affiliate marketers, network marketers, email marketers, social media marketers, so on and so on)
have made the choice to do everyday business from a personal Facebook time line and personally contact clients and partners with Facebook messenger.

Now wouldn’t it be a thousand times simpler if we could message any or all of messenger contacts by typing one message and clicking send?

What could you accomplish with all those free hours you now have because your messages are set on auto pilot?

Personally, I could fold the growing mountain of laundry that is occupying the far end of my couch.

Great news, you can automate messages from your personal timeline with one Chrome Extension.

Create one message and send it out selected friends or all of your friends. The choice is yours.

Watch the Video to see it in action >>>>

>>> Great HUH?

So how do you get this Simple Social Tool and start using it for yourself?

1. Click here to get your Access Key

2. Add the Chrome extension Here

3. Watch the instruction video

4. Start sending messages

Watch your profits triple starting today by setting your messages on auto pilot.

And while your at it, go ahead and share this post on Facebook too.

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How to Post a JVzoo Affiliate Link on Facebook Without Getting Banned

Watch the Video to get Step by Step instructions.


Step 1 – Copy your JVzoo Affiliate Link 

Step 2 – Open your website hosting to manage domains

Step 3 – Go to enter subdomain

Step 4 – Paste your affiliate link into appropriate area

Step 5 – Choose forward with masking

Step 6 – Post your new link on Facebook without worry

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3 Ways to Stop Paypal from Closing Your Account and Keeping Your Money

Is Paypal a Thief?


Over the past few weeks there have been multiple reports of Paypal shutting down accounts of long time users without explanation and keeping the money.

I have seen several high earning internet marketers making posts and emails about their accounts being closed and the only thing they received from Paypal was a note stating their business practices don’t match Paypal’s guidelines.

And here is the kick in the pants – Paypal keeps their money.

Paypal withholds all funds in the account for up to 180 days. Stop trying to do the math, you will get a headache. 180 days is 6 months.

Watch this Video to learn more –

Why does this happen to marketers that have been great customers for a decade or more?

And more importantly, how do you stop it from happening to you?

After listening to complaints of some very pissed off marketers I have narrowed down three common factors that all the marketers share.

Since these marketers deal in 6 figure launches and payout tons to affiliates there is a lot money coming in and out of their accounts especially during a digital product launch.  With all this money moving around at high rate of speed it sends up a red flag to Paypal.

And another 1st world problem these marketers seem to share is they hold a large amount of money in their Paypal accounts at all times. Now this never seemed to be a problem before but I guess Paypal has suddenly decided to attack without warning and hang onto big bucks.

So what is a marketer to do? How can we make money and not get it locked up by Paypal?

Here are 3 steps to protect your Money and keep your Paypal account open

  1. DON’T LEAVE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT – Keep enough money in there to cover refunds and any operating expenses for a few months but move the rest to a bank account.  Paypal appears to be targeting accounts with large amounts in them so don’t give Paypal a reason to look at yours.
  2. OPEN A CREDIT LOAN WITH PAYPAL – If you have a Paypal business account then open a small credit account for $1000 – $2000.  It only takes 2 minutes and Paypal places funds in your account immediately. Paypal will deduct a small percentage of your incoming money as loan repayment. And if you owe Paypal money they are less likely to close your account and stop the incoming cash flow.
  3. GIVE MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS – Stripe is another payment option you can give alongside Paypal on your sales pages. And Stripe is already connected on JVzoo and Warrior Plus. My favorite part about Stripe is they don’t hold your money. Once the payment clears the money is direct deposited into your bank account.

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