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The Delilah Taylor here and I’ve got something super, super special for you today. Not One, not two. Count them seven.

Yes, we are talking seven different sites that will pay you daily.

Now this isn’t the normal stuff that you’ve seen before where you’ve got to buy into this program and then get people to meet you for coffee and then try to sell them a bunch of crap. No, no, no, no, nothing like that at all.

This is seven sites where you can download their app or put something on their app and they will pay you out daily. So, and most of it’s going to go straight into your paypal. So as long as you got like a paypal account or stripe account, you could submit stuff on these sites and you get paid. So I tell you what, let’s jump into it, but I am going to tell you one thing really, really quick.

Make sure to watch out for number three.

Number three is my absolute favorite, but I’m going to show y’all seven eight and don’t worry, I am going to give you links. They’re going to be down below this video so you can see how exactly to get to each and every one, so, all right, you ready to go? You ready to start getting paid today? Cool. Let’s jump into it. In case you have amazing ideas contact Invent Help to make your business grow online and attract more customers to your products.

Number one is Field Agent. You download field agent APP and it will give you assignments. You can look for assignments anywhere in your area and it shows you here you find jobs. Now you download their APP, complete your agent profile, and then you find jobs in your area. It’ll send you to different stores to take pictures and videos of items in the store and these pictures and videos are getting sent back to the manufacturer because they want to make sure that that their stuff is being displayed properly, that it’s getting sold correctly and hey, you can cash out your earnings. https://app.fieldagent.net

They pay through paypal and this one pays. Look, we found it three to $12 per assignment, so, and it works on iPhone or android. It’s very, very simple to get and like I said, there will be a link below and you’ll be able to click on that and sign up within just a few moments. You just get the APP, find the jobs in your area, go take a couple of quick pictures and send them in. Very, very simple and you get paid. All right, number two, number two, and this one is becoming popular all over the United States. I know, and it may be going into the world at this point. 

Number two is Lime. These are electric scooters that are being put in cities all across the US and various spot and all you do is you download their app and every morning or every evening you go and you go, you find out where the scooters are in your area. https://web.limebike.com

Go pick up the, go, pick the, pick up the scooter and scan the Qr code for the scooter into your app and then you charge it up. Really that simple because people are using these little scooters. Oh, there’s a map. It’s all over the United States. One spot in Canada and it’s getting into Europe. And even more spots. People are going to visit these cities and renting these little electric scooters to get around, but hey, they got to have somebody to charge the thing and with Lyme you make five to $15 per scooter so you can take it home and charge it up or you can charge it up then put it right back out. Really simple.

Number three. Number three is my absolute favorite. I call this the $175er , believe it or not.

Now this is what you can do and get paid daily with $175er. Now we’ve all heard of Fiverr, right? I’m sure you have fiverr.com and your like, Oh God, five bucks. I can see you rolling your eyes now, but did you know that fiverr or has increased? You don’t have to charge just five bucks anymore. There are people charging anywhere from five bucks to up to $10,000 for their gigs, depending on what you do. And literally you can do anything on Fiverr. If you can sing happy birthday badly to somebody, you can get paid on Fiverr doing this and it pays out every single time, all day long. The more gigs you have, the more money you make and you can get the secrets to creating a profit pulling freelance side hustle. I mean you do it in your own time. There’s no time clocks here can you get  paid.  http://couchqueen.com/175

So you want to get the 175 are and you want to learn how to do this under and start making money on Fiverr at the rate of $175 or more dollars day. Make sure to click the link below. I’ve also made a special link for you. It is couched queen.com/175. Couchqueen.com/175 and you can be pulling in profits just like this. You got cash. That’s what you’re going to be getting notifications that say you’ve received an order, you’ve made money and all you need is to follow this simple formula and they’re giving to, you’ll be ready. You’ll be ready to do it starting today, so the $175er, this is my absolute favorite one. Grab it, go start doing it and start making money straight from your couch. It’s just like I do on a daily basis.

Number four. The next one is One Space and One Space  is great for people that like to do research. If you like to create content or even if you like to just do data entry, you can do all that from home with one space. You sign up to work for one space and they do information for all these large companies, so this is what you’ll be doing research or writing content for or doing data entry for are these large corporations and they pay out daily. You’ve got to have a paypal and it’s very, very simple to do and you get to do it from home on your own time. All right, so mate, go and make sure and go check out one space. https://www.onespace.com

Since it is a freelancer thing the jobs vary in price, but you can check out which ones you like and which ones you get hired for and go start making some money right from the comfort of your own home.

Next up is ClearVoice. Clearvoice is same thing. You, if you like creating content, you go to clear voice, sign up to be a talent and you create content for all these different large companies that they can post on their social media. So they’re always looking for people so they can create content that goes on their social media sites. It’s very, very simple. It’s great to be a freelancer and of course the pay varies on what you’re doing and you can be creating content and be known as a great content creator for very large corporations, which will look very good on your resumes if you’re trying to find somewhere else to do that or if you’re trying to create your own business as a content creator or social media manager, you can say, Hey, look what I’ve done. I’ve worked for these places. They hired me, so make sure you go check that out.  https://www.clearvoice.com

Now the next one up, this one is super, super simple.

This is called testing time and with Testing Time, you are on Skype for about an hour with some large companies while you’re testing out their digital products, you get paid $60 for each one of these tests that you take. Just testing out digital products for these various companies. Now it will be on Skype or will be by phone and you get paid. I believe it’s within just a few days. So you’ll be notified once you sign up to become a tester, and it’s, there’s a little log in right there. We kind of a test user. You’ll get notified if people that want to hire you to take there to test their products, and then you’ll meet on a Skype meeting as soon as it’s done. Hey, they pay you out. https://www.testingtime.com

And silly me… I forgot to show #7 on the Video. OOPS. Well here it is.  It is called Byrd! It is another electric scooter company that is giving Lime a run for the money. Hey, you can work for both companies at the same time. Kill two birds with one Paypal account, haha. https://www.bird.co

So I hope you love this, and it made all the difference in the world. Do you, you know now that there are legitimate companies that will pay you to work from home and they’ll pay you out daily? So make sure, go below, get the links, go sign up for these and remember, get the hundred and 75 are because it’ll make you more than any of the answers. All right, love you. Talk to you very soon. Bye.

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