The 3 Step Strategy to 300 Affiliates in 30 Minutes Flat

As most of you know Affiliate Recruiting is my main source of bread and butter.

I have spent years filling my digital rolodex full of affiliates from the greenest goobie newbie to grade A multi-millionaires.

Now a days I have clients hiring me as their jv manager based on knowledge, experience and for my biggest asset – My Digital Rolodex.

One of the most common questions that marketers ask me is how to get more JVs on their launch.

Especially the new guys because they don’t really know that many people within their own niche’.

Well here is the GIANT SECRET to getting gobsmacked with JVs even if you are utterly unknown.

You only need to know 10 affiliates to get 300 JVs on board for your big ole launchtasia.

WHAT?? How does that work? ( I can hear your voice in my head )
Pause here and take 2 aspirin before I blow your mind with the easiest way to grow a hoarde of JVs armed to teeth with promo fever.

Okay, you ready for this?

3 Steps to 300 Affiliates in 30 Minutes :

  • Get to know 10 top marketers in your niche’ that you see doing affiliate promotions. You can chat them up through Facebook, Instagram, Reply to their emails, comment on their posts and join their groups. And most of all be friendly. Don’t bum rush them with “Hey, promote my shit” requests. Go the extra mile to share and help them promote whatever they are doing right now.


  • Prepare your launch and set up the affiliate page. Have a sales page preview ready and email swipes. Then ask those 10 to promote for you. About half of them will agree. And if you friended up the right affiliates these 5 JVs have super responsive lists and they can send you hundreds of sales.


  • Give these 5 affiliates a two-tier affiliate link with a 10% commission as a bump. Most of these affiliates are also launch products themselves and chances are they have huge JV lists on top of their buyers list. These 5 top level JVs can send you hundreds of their personal affiliates with one simple email. And they will do it too because they get a 10% commission everytime one of the affiliates that signed up on the two tier link makes a sale.

Are you still breathing or did you pass out from slamming your head against the wall because you never thought of this before?

Now if I was the selfish sort I would send you on your merry way to go hunt down grade A, all beef, USDA approved affiliates on your own.
But I’m not that type of lady.

I’m going to show you this strategy in action and introduce you to your #1 affiliate that is rocking it out.

Ali Chowdhry and his brother Adeel are creating super affiliate results by offering 2 tier JV links directly on their JV page to every affiliate.

Here is your chance to bring in some big commissions right now and make nice with two of the best affiliates in internet marketing.

Can you imagine all the affiliates these guys could send to your launch? 

Hundreds, maybe thousands.


So here is what you do to get the ball rolling. 

First – Click here to sign up as an affiliate for Sqribble.

Second – Chat up these guys with their contact info at the bottom of the JV page

Third – Prepare to take over the world with your launch.  


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